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Business Startup Checklist-Step By Step

Are you starting your own business?
Do you face problems in handelling your own business?

If yes, then this checklist can help you to get an ideas about how to start your own startup. This cheklist explains about the steps you need to take when you are starting your own firm.

In this checklist, you will learn:
✓ Note Down Your Business Ideas
✓ Design Your Business Plan Based On Your Ideas
✓ Identify Your Competitors (direct / Indirect Both)
✓ Register Your Organization
✓Open Your Bank Account, Credit Account, Merchant Account 
✓ Recruit Your Dream Team
✓ Build A Minimum Viable Product
✓ Establish Your Brand (Online/Offline Both)
✓ Recruit Your Board Of Directors / Advisors / Mentor / Coach
✓ Choose Technology / Vendor / Platforms
✓ Check The Market Acceptability
✓ Establish stock option plan
✓ Plan For A Strategic Merger Or Acquisitions or an IPO
✓ Prepare For Company Valuation

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