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Running a company without regular audits is like using a vehicle for years without getting it serviced. You will not be able to identify the loopholes, eliminate errors and improve efficiency if you do not conduct regular audits. 

Also, an external audit can help
to maintain investor and regulator confidence. Inaccurate financial statements can affect the growth of your company negatively. 

Our audit experts will help you to gain an understanding of the overall systems and controls environment. It will increase your
credibility in the business marketplace and increase transparency. 

HR Audit 

Most organizations have no idea whether or not they have human resources issues. Such companies prohibit their growth by overlooking the most vital component that makes an organization- PEOPLE!

If you don't want to be among such companies, Growfinity Consulting is the place for you! 

We examine various aspects of the HR tasks policies, methods, processes, documentation, and systems to bring positive change. 

Governance Audit

When words like 'Governance' and 'Audit' come together, matters become serious. 

Our audit experts assure that the company adheres to all pertinent laws and effective internal control systems to serve the needs of all the stakeholders.

Process Audit

Are some basic business processes in your company never swift and smooth? Or, there is a basic level of confusion and mismanagement? 
If the answer is yes, the reason might be Processes.

Processes form the heart of any business. So, to keep your processes at prime efficiency, you have to audit them regularly.

Our process audit services help you to identify areas where you need to take action and make sure that the work is being done right.

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